lady_sat_dish2015 August. This has been a busy year of changes and some of the best projects I have ever had the privilege of working on. Mixing year’s Sufjan Stevens record “Carrie and Lowell” was one of the most moving projects I have ever worked on. Also this year, Matthew E White’s “Fresh Blood” sounds simultaneously old and new, as if it had always been there, or at least should have been. 2015 also brought the return of They Might Be Giants Dial-a-Song, meaning a total of 52 songs will be recorded and released this year. Another of my favorite people to work with, Glen Hansard, has also completed a new chapter in his growing solo career with an album of personal songs that give a more complete portrait of him as a writer and an artist.

Also this year, I closed my unnamed studio on 37th Street. In the coming months I will have a lot to share regarding my new studio, which I am extremely excited about.

2014 July. This week a great new EP by Anna Calvi that Thomas Bartlett produced has been released. Called “Strange Weather, ” I recorded and mixed at my studio earlier this year. Other recent projects that are being released soon are a new album by Jonathan Jackson’s Enation, which I co produced two songs for, as well as albums I mixed  by A Love Electric and the Asphalt Orchestra. Also, look for a Rainforest Foundation track that I mixed  called ‘Alive’ featuring Caetano Veloso that was released earlier this summer.

2014 January. First off, it was great to see my old boss Nile Rodgers get some much-deserved attention at the Grammys. Some nice things happening already this year. Angelique Kidjo’s record “Eve,” which I produced, is out now on Savoy/429 Records. A record I mixed a while back, by the band The Gloaming, was also released this month. That was produced by Thomas Bartlett.  A live DVD of the Dukes of Septemeber (Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs) is scheduled to be out in late February. Some of my sessions the past month have included Jessca Hoop, Josh Radin, Rob Moose, Esperanza Spalding, Rufus Wainwright, Anna Calvi, and Angus and Julia Stone.

2013 August. Had a great summer producing a new record for Angelique Kidjo, which will be released next spring. Also made a cast recording for David Byrne’s Here Lies Love theater production which we hope will be moving to a bigger space very soon. Earlier this spring, I spent a brief time with Glen Hansard working on some tracks while he had a brief break from his tour life. Around the same time I recorded and mixed an EP for a great new Downtown Records band called Butter the Children.

2013 January. Trixie Whitley’s record “Fourth Corner” is released! Trixie is an artist you need to get to know now before everyone claims her as their own. Working on a mixing project for Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs for release later this year. Finishing up several projects with Thomas Bartlett that will also be out this year. Happy to see the reaction to “Love This Giant” by David Byrne and St. Vincent continues to grow and expand into this year. Also this coming year, records by The Gloaming and They Might Be Giants. More soon.

2012, May. Hannah Cohen’s “Child Bride” is out in the UK on Bella Union Records. Julia Stone’s “By the Horns” was released this week in Europe and Australia. Glen Hansard’s “Rhythm and Repose” is due in June on Anti. Later this year, a great collaboration between St. Vincent and David Byrne will be released, with a tour to follow. A record I mixed this spring for Donald Fagen is also due for release later this year. Recently, Thomas Bartlett and I reconvened with Glen Hansard for a song for Peter Hedges’ new film. We also had a day with Julia Stone to add some touches to a song she wrote for a television show in Australia. Looking forward to more this summer.

2012, January. Many of the projects that took up most of 2011 will be released early in 2012. Records from Hannah Cohen, Julia Stone, and Glen Hansard on the way. Looking forward to some work early this year with St Vincent, David Byrne, Donald Fagen and others.

2011, June. Finished mixing (for now) with Marisa Monte for a new album. New Mike Doughty, They Might Be Giants and My Brightest Diamond records mixed, mastered and ready to go. The new Paolo Sorrentino film “This Must Be the Place” features music we recorded and mixed here. David Byrne wrote the music with Wil Oldham, and it was sung by Michael Brunnock.

2011, March. Great start to the new year. A lot of tracking for projects at the studio. Glen Hansard, Beth Orton, Marisa Monte, Hannah Cohen, They Might Be Giants, Mike Doughty, Smokey Hormel, Martha Wainwright and Jolie Holland  all tracking new material. Mixing for Tjeerd Bonhoff’s Dazzled Kid as well as several other of the above projects have led to a busy first few months.

2010, July. A lot of old friends and some new ones working at the studio these days. We finished Benny Ibarra’s record which was done mostly at Sonic Ranch in El Paso,TX ( The record is already in the top ten in Mexico. Recent sessions with Beth Orton, Jonathan Coulton, Doveman,They Might Be Giants and some mixing for Julia Stone, David Byrne and others have helped keep the studio busy. More interesting stuff on the wy

2010, May. My new studio space is finished and ready for work. I am in Manhattan,  at 12 West 37th Street in New York City.

Very pleased that I have a full tracking room for recording, and an SSL E series board. 16 channel headphone mixers, grand piano etc etc, all should make for a good place for  people to work that wont be too expensive. We shall see

Congratulations to The National and Peter Katis for a fine new record (High Violet). I had the pleasure of doing a little work with The National on this record as well as mixing the upcoming Dark Was the Night DVD of the Radio City Music Hall show from last year. Some stunning performances by Bon Iver in particular on that DVD.

2010  On March 1st, Kampo Studio, where I had my studio set up for the past 8 years, closed for the last time. I will give an update here when I finalize my plans for a new studio. My target opening is May 1st.

In brighter news, I spent the last day at Kampo mixing some b sides for The National. the songs should be available with the album when it is released

Also this March, the Emanuel and the Fear record Listen was released. I had the pleasure of mixing the album late last year,and have been eager for others to hear it.

In April, David Byrne and Norman Cook’s “Here Lies Love” will be released. It is a dance and pop musical with tons of guest singers. I co-produced the record with David and Norman.

March 29th, Warner Brothers will release a remix of Tegan and Sara’s “Alligator” that I co-produced with Thomas Bartlett (Doveman). it is really upbeat now, almost disco, featuring a great guest vocal by Sam Amidon.

2009 saw the release of a number of projects by some of my favorite artists who I have worked with for years. Some of these artists have also been fortunate enough to receive awards and nominations in recognition of their work.

2009 Awards and nominations:

David Byrne/Brian Eno “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today”

2009 TEC Award nominee for Best Single and Best Album

2009 Grammy Award nominee for Best Alternative Album

They Might Be Giants “Here Comes Science”

2008 Grammy Award for Best Children’s record

2009 releases of Dillett-produced or co-produced projects:

They Might Be Giants  “Here Comes Science”

Mike Doughty  “Sad Man, Happy Man”

Doveman “The Conformist”

2010 releases:

David Byrne “Here Lies Love”

2009 release of Dillett engineered or mixed projects:

Bebel Gilberto “All in One”

Ben Perowsky “Moodswing Orchestra”

Melvin Gibbs “Elevated Entity”

Smokey Hormel “Secret Family”

2010 releases:

Emanuel and the Fear “Listen”

Laurie Anderson “Homeland”